The Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding

  • Genre: Nonfiction
  • Release Date: 2011-04-29
  • Advisory Rating: TV-G
  • Episodes: 1
  • iTunes Price: USD 4.99


BBC Worldwide will donate all proceeds of the distribution rights (after deduction of its own acquisition and distribution costs) from TV, DVD and download-to-own sales of The Royal Wedding* to The Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry (charity registered in England and Wales registration number 1132048). This is expected to be in the region of £150,000. *iTunes Sales comprise: The Royal Wedding series and its constituent individual episodes, and The Royal Wedding Highlights. Celebrate and relive the marriage of HRH Prince William and Catherine Middleton on their special day! The exclusive BBC coverage of the event includes Catherine’s breathtaking arrival at Westminster Abbey, the full ceremony, the carriage procession and the traditional balcony appearance at Buckingham Palace.


Title Time Price
1 The Royal Wedding: William and Catherine 2:07:21 Season Only Buy on iTunes



  • Must Have for Royal Watchers

    By crew126
    This is the wedding of the century why wouldn't you buy this. For five dollars you can.... See they royal family and the Middleton family interact together, watch Harry and Pippa flirt, listen to the best male choir in the UK, see tons of crazy fascinators!( I have one! )and much more! I never get tired watching this I get chills whenever I see them kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. They are so in love and it is truly entertaining to watch them talk and just be together. This is one of my favorite things to watch..... it really is. Let hope we have a little William or Kate to welcome into the world soon! Happy Watching Cheers!
  • Why You Should Spend The Five Bucks

    By Brooke.Elaine
    Both the Princes are a credit to their family and their country, and it was genuinely moving to be able to see the beginning of what will hopefully be a happy marriage and wonderful working relationship - the Windsors are very fortunate to have her, and she is well worthy of the honor and responsibility. The ceremony was quite flawless (though it was quite long); the music was superb (particularly the chior's rendition of 'I Was Glad' and 'Jerusalem'), the homily encouraging and appropriate, and James Middleton's reading lovely - add all that to the fact that the proceeds go to the Duke and Duchess' selected charities, and you've got as good a reason as any you're likely to find to spend the $4.99.

    By BJB27
    William and Kate are so cute together and I love the whole idea of a royal wedding!
  • worth every penny!

    By rufushexe
    This is the perfect purchase to remember 29 April. A special treat is the camera shot inside one of the flyover planes. Save money on the magazines and get this instead you will not regret it.
  • Bad program!

    By Can't view
    I downloaded this I was able to watch it up until they are at the alter, then it stopped and went blank!! Now when you click on the puchase it's blank!! Very disappointing! 1st long feature I've bought! $4.99 down the tubes! Now what? Bought it can't even view it!!
  • go william and kate!

    By Anakin(:
    they are amazing! im so glad we can puchase their wedding. they are a lovely couple and a fun, great wedding to watch. so glad i can buy it! :) YAY THANKS ITUNES!
  • Irrelevant and disrespectful to those struggling with the economy.

    By DrAdamPeppper
    I can understand a little why people living in the UK might get drawn into this wedding. It is just kind of ridiculous that people, especially Americans, are so locked in by this. And not looking over the fact that in a rough economy things can go so absurdly over the top. I am sure it brought in some revenue and I am sure there were quite a few hired on for the event. Although the British Monarchy holds little influence on country politics, it still makes an impression on all British citizens. And although the world is suffering to make ends meat, we'll just go crazy. And it is not like Prince William is someone that people need to pay attention to. No, he is just a guy in a bloodline with a receding hair line. I know everyone like and respected his mother, and this grandmother is in charge of knighting people, which aren't picked for their saintlike features, no most the time they are actors or musicians. Which makes no since. Actors are people who do well at pretending to be someone else that someone else made up, and in some cases they get paid tons of money to do it. Is there anything in an actor overview that claims that they are rational, intelligent, kind, honorable, sane, not narcissistic, or psychologically disturbed: no. So let two people have their wedding day, I hope they enjoy it, but for people that obsess over this, think intelligently about what you are doing, find something better to do, don't support the wedding's high end budget.
  • So cute

    By SarahHSykes
    If there was a sixth star i would click it!!! Cutest couple EVER!!
  • need in HD

    By HaloDeb
    Would buy it in HD, There's a lot to see. Everything was so ornate and colorful that it would be a shame to miss out on all the detail and extravagance of the event. ITunes, please release in HD!
  • This Is Absolutely Terrifying

    By 60'sclassicrocklove
    I honestly cannot use words to define just how borderline messed up this is. No one should have someone else's wedding to view on their iPod at any time of day. You are not related to these people. You are not these people. You are not friends of these people. While it may be a beautiful event, and wonderful that they chose to share their vows with the world, this is a disgrace to mankind. I cannot imagine why someone would need this, or want this. Any valid reason will present your case as someone who could use help. This is not right and someone needs to say it. "Getting it because they're not going to show it for a long time." This is outrageous, scary, and ridiculous. This should not be available for purchase on iTunes. And it should not be the #1 purchase. Please do not spend your $5.00 on this. There is an internet.