The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street

By Martin Scorsese

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2013-12-25
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 3h 0min
  • Director: Martin Scorsese
  • Production Company: EMJAG Productions
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 12.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
From 11,400 Ratings


Sex. Money. Power. Drugs. Brace yourself for an outrageous true story from legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese that critics are calling "a masterpiece for a new generation.” Leonardo DiCaprio delivers the best performance of his career as a young stockbroker hungry for a life of non-stop thrills, where corruption was king and more was never enough. His rise to power earned him the title The Wolf of Wall Street. Together, Scorsese and DiCaprio deliver a story of American excess that is an absolute blast from start to finish.




  • Insane

    Great cast, great story, great characters, this movie is one of the most entertaining movies I’ve ever seen that just never seems to slow down. Don’t watch if your a baby!!! Watch with friends and you’ll have a great time!(coming from someone who has been going to the movies every single week for 10 years)
  • El Lobo!

    By Rick Lobato
    Hands down, one of my all time favs!
  • Awesome awesome film!

    By Kellyb166839
    Leonardo DiCaprio deserves every single kudo he ever gets. He is AMAZING in this film.
  • Greatest movie in the world

    By Me102828
    This movie has literally everything a movie can have. And it all seems so natural, there is not a single second in the movie, where you’re not bored.
  • Reprehensible

    By gardjs01
    Explicit, gratuitous and altogether sleazy - this movie is pure garbage.
  • Best movie!

    By Cadiz93
    Sell me this pen! Really good movie. One of the best that I ever watched!!!
  • Awesomeness

    By 18holliday92
    This movie is well done. The characters are well rounded and entertaining. The nudity and language helps to make this movie unique. The scenes with lavish lifestyles are wonderful, because they are so wild and out of reach for me. I loved this movie and have watched it several times.
  • Problem

    By gigab603
    There was no wolf.
  • Good, But Not Without Flaws

    By RyleyWhite
    This was a great movie, and I really enjoyed it! HOWEVER! My biggest complaint is there's an excessive amount of nudity in this film that does it no favors. Additonally, I felt as though it was just a bit too long. Probably wont be watching this again, but the memories I'm left with from my one and only viewing are positive ones, and that's good enough for me.
  • The Wolf of Wall Street

    By bsmit630