By David Mamet

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Release Date: 2004-03-08
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 46min
  • Director: David Mamet
  • Production Company: Spartan Productions (II)
  • Production Country: Germany, United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 15.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 2.99
From 161 Ratings


From acclaimed and Academy Award-nominated director and writer David Mamet ("Hannibal," "The Untouchables") comes this taut action-thriller starring Val Kilmer ("Wonderland," "Red Planet") and Oscar-nominated William H. Macy ("Seabiscuit", TV's "Door To Door"). A special ops officer and his protégé are recruited to investigate the kidnapping of the president's daughter, but the deeper they dig into her disappearance, the more they uncover a dangerous conspiracy that goes up to the highest levels of the U.S. government. Also starring Derek Luke ("Biker Boyz," "Antwone Fisher"), Johnny Messner ("Tears of the Sun," "The Sweetest Thing"), Tia Texada (TV's "Third Watch," "Phone Booth") and Aaron Stanford ("X2: X-Men United," "25th Hour").




  • Thinking person’s action thriller in Mamet’s style

    By Fletch F. Fletch
    As you’d expect from Mamet the entire film is on edge with blunt talk masking deeper meanings. It wastes no time getting right to some harsh realistic violence and plans continuously railroaded by sudden obstacles, pushing Kilmer’s operative further and further in over his head. If he doesn’t find her no one will, so despite his survival instinct he goes further and further down the rabbit hole. “I’ll help you disappear. Because you heard me call on Jesus”. “That’s why you want to stay out of the desert”. Simple sounding language that implies a sorted and harrowing history among veteran agents and seasoned mercenaries. Sometimes you have to go with the riddles and vague backstories and realize that the specifics don’t always matter, but the real importance is that everyone in this tale is weighted down with violence and moments of desperation from their pasts.
  • Stellar film

    By 12SecTA
    The first thing I noticed about this film is that it is not for the weak minded. It does not hold your hand or explain anything to you. If you are not paying full attention, you will be lost almost immediately and I absolutely love it for that. What starts as a simple premise winds out to a complicated conspiracy in which it is left up to you to determine if the end (i.e. was justice served, did the end justify the means?) is satisfactory. Great film making.
  • Pointless

    By Jason504
    What a boring, confusing, pointless movie. Don't waste your money or time. Another action movie where you don't care about the characters or the plot? Just terrible.
  • Not the best script or editing & the acting is fair

    By wcfencer
    My title says it all. It's been a while since I watched this movie, but after giving it another consideration, I realize that it doesn't deserve any whatsoever. It appears to be a movie made on a budget, lot of cliches and in general, over all, a poorly written script. Maybe that's why the acting is so bad.
  • A Thriller to Beat All

    By mmacnadrew
    This has to be the most underrated thriller to ever leave Hollywood.
  • David Mamet is a genius...

    By flytoreality
    But there are reviewers who don't recognize a profound piece of writing when they see it. It is a crime the standards are so low these days. I have issues with parts of this work. But I love it so much––I would not cloud the issue. Bravo Mamet, bravo!
  • Deserves careful study

    By zapyote
    The dialog and plot as it concerns operators are the most authentic I've seen out of hollywood. David Mamet always does careful research and this movie gives an accurate glimpse into that dark underworld of America's "sheepdogs" (if you've read LT COL Grossman, you'll know what I mean.
  • Thought provocative for me

    By DesertDouglas
    What makes this film above & beyond your cookie-cutter action film are the questions it plants, at every turn, in the viewer's mind. Questions like 'How real is this?' and 'Do they really do that?' While of course exaggerations are implied and work as plot devices, I was left with the lingering question of how well we really know our elected officials, and how do they really prioritize family and politics. This film is for thinking people and there is a lot there. Mamet is a genius. Not for The Transformers crowd.
  • Strong effort

    By gotpyruvate
    Another strong film from Mamet. Fine performances from the principals. Mamet seems to write dialog with multiple layers of meaning which will evade you if you insist on taking it at face-value. This is a political thriller with LOTS of slant. If you like Mamet movies, then I highly recommend this one to you.
  • Absolutely awful

    By Schriftsteller
    Fails to pass the "blank screen test:" Watching a blank screen is more interesting than watching this movie. I don't know how it got any good reviews from anyone who actually saw it.