Second Act

Second Act

By Peter Segal

  • Genre: Romance
  • Release Date: 2018-12-21
  • Advisory Rating: PG-13
  • Runtime: 1h 43min
  • Director: Peter Segal
  • Production Company: STX Entertainment
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 12.99
From 206 Ratings


Jennifer Lopez stars as Maya, a 40-year-old woman struggling with frustrations from unfulfilled dreams. Until, that is, she gets the chance to prove to Madison Avenue that street smarts are as valuable as book smarts, and that it is never too late for a Second Act.




  • Horrible

    By Kira0320
    JLo do us all a favor please stop acting and singing. You’re horrible at both.
  • I love LEAH

    By TyrannosaurusC
    Like I said... I love LEAH
  • A train 🚂 wreck

    By Gamer holdem
    I’m a fan of Jlo’s movies. Usually they make you smile , the feel good lighthearted flicks. This was not a comedy, romance, drama or anything that made sense. It’s not only unbelievable it’s unbearable to watch. I thought buying this, I’d at least be watching it again now and then. It’s headed for the cloud ☁️ to stay there. The editing is horrible. The acting is a joke and the plot is all over the place. I feel like these characters ( especially jlo) just walked through the movie to collect a paycheck and at the viewers expense. Highly recommend not even renting this. It’s horribly done. 😣🤮
  • It’s a “no” for J-Lo

    By Michael@theMovies
    This movie tries too hard and underutilizes its talented actors.
  • Fantastic!

    By Broski1601
    Very refreshing to watch such a normal movie with my family! Jennifer Lopez and Vanessa Hudgens are funny and fresh. Leah Remini is hysterical. We highly recommend this movie for all ages.
  • Orchid from San Diego Cali 🤗

    By orkid98
    Loved it!!! I miss this Jennifer Lopez!! I also forgot how much I love visiting New York the Bronx to be exact where my bff lives ... miss her .. 5 stars !! A must watch!!
  • Terrible movie

    By Calisparkz
    This movie is absolutely awful, Leah hasn’t done anything good since King if Queens and Jlo has never done anything good ever, she is a horrible actress!
  • Disappointed

    By GottRyce
    I was looking for something fun and cheesy like Maid in Manhattan. Not it. It lumbered along, tried to be funny but it’s a poor script. It’s predictable and despite Jennifer Lopez and limited viewing of Treat Williams charm, they couldn’t save this. It’s a cooker cutter bad romantic/family movie with a script meant for a Lifetime or Hallmark Channel movie that mistakenly made for the big screen. I do like JLo and Leah Remini’s real life chemistry as besties. You could see how genuine that is.
  • Leah remind is a joke

    By MusicLover25
    That is all
  • Great fun! Love J-Lo & the whole cast! ❤️❤️❤️

    By Be True
    I thoroughly enjoyed this! I am a huge Milo fan & Jen is at the top of my list too! But now I’m in for Leah as well! What great chemistry the cast has! 😍