First Man

First Man

By Damien Chazelle

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2018-10-12
  • Advisory Rating: PG-13
  • Runtime: 2h 21min
  • Director: Damien Chazelle
  • Production Company: DreamWorks
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
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From Oscar®-winning director Damien Chazelle and star Ryan Gosling, First Man is the riveting and triumphant story behind the first manned mission to the moon, focusing on Neil Armstrong and the events leading to the extraordinary Apollo 11 flight—one of the most dangerous missions in history.




  • It’s bad

    By joffrejjj
    The camera is really bad and just some characters show emotion. The main character is always sad and he doesn’t show emotion when he lands on the moon
  • Slow and boring

    By superwest
    I was really excited to watch this movie but I found it very slow and boring. Acting was ok but overall very disappointing.
  • Chazelle at his best

    By Review111001847
    This movie is a revelatory, interesting, dramatic, and realistic response the often bombastic and over the top content we see regarding NASA, space, and astronauts in general. Chazelle is definitely focused on Neil Armstrong rather than just NASA as a whole, and that has prompted many “reviewers” to see this movie as un-American and unpatriotic. This movie isn’t about America’s great accomplishment of reaching the moon; its about one man’s journey to do something no one had ever done before. We get to see what kind of personal, mental, and emotional toll that takes on a man with the kind of drive Neil Armstrong had. The cinematography is nothing short of wonderful. Chazelle is really reaching back to his “Guy and Madeline” roots with the type of telephoto, handheld shots that made his first film, and therefore this film, as charming as it was. Every shot is deliberate and nothing goes to waste in this movie. The characters are incredibly well done as well. Neil, in real life, was a quiet man - quick to deny the status of “hero”. This movie shows that better than any other media or history book I’ve ever read. We really get to delve in Armstrong’s mind and personal life and understand what makes him tick. His wife, played by Claire Foy, is the other side of that coin. She’s the balance for his driven nature and she helps bring us back to earth (pun intended). The flight sequences in this film are some of the best and most intense depictions of flight I’ve ever seen in film. The decision to keep the camera and shots inside the cockpit during the first NASA test flight was perfect, and really added the claustrophobic feel of the flight, which added even more to the immersion. Overall, this is on par with Chazelle’s other work, and by that, I mean that it’s incredible and immaculate. If you don’t see this movie because of the “unpatriotic” debacle, you’re doing yourself a disservice.
  • Boring

    By Hamer Nutz
    Just a boring movie. I had high hopes but this movie fell flat!
  • Well Done, Stop Complaining!!!

    By kkkapplefan
    I think this film is great, cause it tells the experience of Neil Armstrong and, it may boring cause there’s a lot of talking and shaking but imagine if you was Neil Armstrong and you stuck in these situation and that’s a serious problem when you thinks it’s boring, bad attitude.
  • Terrible

    By Mikek1771
    One of the worst moon related movies So boring it’s unwatchable. The history channel does a way better job with their documentaries.
  • If one fact is wrong....

    By Vinnymac
    Clearly they don’t mind changing history. Then who cares what this movie contains?
  • Liberals

    By Passenger of a pilot
    Rewriting history… again.
  • One of the greatest and most dangerous missions man has ever taken, captured beautifully

    By SuperNickNF
    Chazelle and Gosling have done it again with the story of Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon. Powerful acting from Foy and Gosling, amazing cinematography during the most intense situations, and riveting writing throughout. One of the best movies of 2018, if not the best. Definitely a must see.
  • Excellent portrayal of Armstrong's Journey to the Moon

    By Bwimett
    I watched this movie last night I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it . It is getting bad reviews because it's not what people think it should be I think it was a great Testament to Neil Armstrong State of Mind. The movie told his story not the story of the Moon landing if you don't understand that and appreciate it for what it is going to hate it. Yes, the camera angles are a bit shaky at times but I think it's really gives the movie a sense of realism. I highly recommend it