I Feel Pretty

I Feel Pretty

By Abby Kohn & Marc Silverstein

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2018-04-20
  • Advisory Rating: PG-13
  • Runtime: 1h 50min
  • Director: Abby Kohn & Marc Silverstein
  • Production Company: Wonderland Sound and Vision
  • Production Country: China, United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 12.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 5.99
From 346 Ratings


In I FEEL PRETTY a woman who struggles with feelings of deep insecurity and low self-esteem, that hold her back every day, wakes from a brutal fall in an exercise class believing she is suddenly a supermodel. With this newfound confidence she is empowered to live her life fearlessly and flawlessly, but what will happen when she realizes her appearance never changed?




  • Just not funny.

    By Ccjsy
    Amy hasn’t made anything funny in years. She is becoming the female Adam Sandler only Sandler made more than one funny movie.
  • Great moral to the story

    By SMP0426
    I loved this movie. Not sure why it got all the hate. She’s not fat shaming anyone or being mean. Being a girl who isn’t quite thin but not quite fat this hit close to home. The first 15 minutes made me cry because it was so relatable. I think the people who don’t like it are men or women who don’t get what it feels like. Bravo Amy!!!
  • Not funny

    By lockeb
    Just wasn’t my cup of tea, wouldn’t recommend watching this movie let alone purchasing it.
  • Eh

    By destiny43
    Not that funny.
  • If you don’t like Amy go home

    By Morganlovesdavid
    So cute! She’s living her best lifeeee
  • Awful

    By Babychamm
    Save yourself the money and see anything else. I am not sure how she keeps getting lead roles in movies, but hopefully this one serves as a reminder when anyone considers it in the future.
  • Horrible

    By mc hottie
    I rented this movie and I really regret it!!!
  • Amy Schumer is not funny

    By <:-//
    She just isn’t :/
  • The movie is good,but...

    By 1D musi
    I really liked the movie the only problem is that I hate Amy shummer
  • This is the dumbest movie ever

    By Majkuting
    This is the dumbest movie ever preying on women that have self esteem issues. Why is Amy Schumer the “face” of body positivity when she doesn’t even want to admit to her own size.