Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

By Rian Johnson

  • Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Release Date: 2017-12-15
  • Advisory Rating: PG-13
  • Runtime: 2h 32min
  • Director: Rian Johnson
  • Production Company: Lucasfilm
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
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In Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the Skywalker saga continues as the heroes of The Force Awakens join the galactic legends in an epic adventure that unlocks new mysteries of the Force and shocking revelations of the past.




  • A master piece for the Star Wars franchise.

    By Jose Medina
    I love the creative risk the director took on doing a Star Wars movie different. I love how I felt like a child watching a movie again because I didn’t know what to expect with the movie shattering all my expectations, in a good way, while expanding the Star Wars universe. I love Kylo Ren’s character arch. I love the message “ we win not by fighting why we hate but by protecting will be love”, a much-needed message not only for this franchise but for our society, and finally I think a lot of people were too focused on what they hate about this movie to really appreciate what they love about the franchise and how this movie elevates all that. This is a must-have movie for any Star Wars fan, just know, is not going to go the way you expect it, but you will be alright.
  • No better than the Episode VII. If anything, The Force Awakens was better.

    By WorldQuestioner
    The Star Wars sequels have ruined the Star Wars franchise. The sequels don't go together well with the original six films. Why aren't there any negative reviews for not drawing from the Expanded Universe? The films should have drawn part from the Expanded Universe, but still have some things different. Species and planets should have been drawn from the EU, along with ships like the Eclipse star destroyer. Even George Lucas is disappointed with the sequels. This film isn't quite a rehash of an older film like Episode VII is though. SPOILERS BELOW - / * ... Episode VI shows a happy ending. The Republic was going to be rebuilt and the Jedi were going to be restored. The people who are old now, but grew up watching the original films felt happy at the ending of Episode VI, but then must be shocked that it turns out to not be so happy in the sequels. Luke's Jedi are destroyed, no survivors other than Luke. Wait, "vanished with a handful of my students, and slaughtered the rest"... did some of Luke's Jedi get taken with Kylo Ren to become some of the Knights of Ren? However, Luke said the Jedi must end because the legacy of the Jedi is failure. Anakin may be right that he was superior to the Jedi. Rey will make a new order, not to be called the Jedi. Maybe she will do something similar to what Darth Bane did. But, likely it won't have just two Jedi at a time. Maybe five for now? It would be like 75% light, 25% dark. But, Luke could have already started the new Order. However, Luke's failure to restore the Jedi and Luke going into self-exile... that was part of George Lucas's sequel plans. Why is Yoda a puppet again? He was much better as CGI in Episodes II and III. I'm upset by the anger provoking scenes, such as the Canto Bight Police arrest. I hope Jedi mind tricks work on the police. I hope a Jedi later slaughters the police with a lightsaber. Another anger provoking scene is the arrest by Hux and Phasma. Why don't Finn and Rose curse Hux? Why don't Finn and Rose insult Hux? Why doesn't a Resistance member say to Hux "You're evil! cruel! Just plain mean!"? Worse about the film than the destruction of the Jedi... Despite the Death Star being destroyed in Episode VI destroying a large amount of the empire. Now in Episode VIII, the Resistance is more down than the Rebellion ever was. The galaxy has lost all its hope, and the First Order had a chance of winning. ... * / - SPOILERS end here. The events in the sequels are as if the events of films I, II, and III never happened. We won't have Episode X. Instead, I hope we have a live action TV series. Minor spoiler below: * It would be about Rey, Temiri Blagg, other characters like maybe Finn, and the Republic, chronologically after Episode IX. * SPOILERS end. I'd like the six films to be remade with brand new actors, and have only a few story differences. No midichlorians or Jar-Jar for example. Let's not use sleek actors like the 2009 film Star Trek did. Maybe use much of the same music. Then, since we will have younger actors, the sequels could be in 25 ABY rather than 34 ABY. Hollywood, stop thinking about just money and start thinking about quality and greatness! Start thinking about the reviews your movies get! Yes, you can still make money, because money is needed to make great movies. But money should be secondary to quality. It's better to make great movies and get little money for them than it is to make bad movies and get tons of money from them! Let's get some non-Hollywood movies.
  • BAD!

    By LitCityBeats
    its horrible it just is! i’m a huge star wars fan but it is bad! bad bad bad bad! i’m telling you its bad! and i really mean its bad! i’m telling you its bad! its bad!
  • I hate this movie

    By abramsboy
    This whole movie is a tease and a cash grab. I think Disney hired a novice director to direct a movie that could've propelled Star Wars into popular culture for the next generation. Instead we got a boring, slow moving, inconsistent flick that doesn't feel like Star Wars at all.
  • Not perfect, but way better than people make it out to be.

    By DarthRevan2552
    Nearly all of the bad criticism that this film recieves is unwarranted and born from a hate-train being driven by asshats. The Last Jedi is a perfectly fine film. The principle cast put on fantastic performances, the visuals are absolutely gorgeous, and the interplay between characters is interesting and fun to watch. It has its issues, there are a few points where it seems to be trying a bit too hard to be funny and it doesn't quite work and some people may be put off by the length. But honestly, none of the film's issues are deal breakers, and they certainly aren't anywhere as aggregious as people who deride it make them out to be. The Last Jedi is a worthy followup to The Force Awakens, and I would definitely recommend giving it a view.
  • Don’t listen to the bot and troll reviews!

    By silvertechfilms
    This Star Wars movie that brings a different take but also fits in so well to the universe, it by far passes every other Star Wars movie before except of course for Empire. Yes this is a different Star Wars movie. "Things are not going to go the way you think" Many of the reviewers on the site are salty that their theories didn't come true (not to mention the fake bot reviews), and that Luke was a hermit to begin with and not a Grand Master Jedi that the Expanded Universe originally wrote him as. Although, yes he is that, but that comes before this movie. Before the sequels (Although the flashbacks do help show that) Luke is now ashamed for what happened to Kylo, he feels responsible, and hurt. He feels like he let down Leia and everyone else. He has taken full responsibility for it all, he has gone to the island of the first jedi temple to simply get out of the way and die. But that is until Rey find him, at first yes he is unwilling to teach he, but then he agrees, now I cannot wait to see him return in Episode 9 as a force ghost and see Rey take over, who is the true last jedi, and teach a new generation of Jedi. She has the books, Lukes saber, and she is ready to take the screen and fulfill her destiny. Yes at first glance Snoke is a bit of a waste. Most people salty that he wasn't Bane or the Emperor, but it doesn't really matter who he is, or if he comes back or who he was. Kylo Red has overpowered his master, he taught his apprentice everything he knew, but Snoke was arrogant, and didn't count on Kylo betraying him. Adam Driver did a fantastic job at portraying this. You think he will turn and help Rey, but he tricks her, and try to turn her. All I can say is this film was fantastic. The funniest thing about this movie is how salty people are that their fanfics didn't come true.
  • Only the dead know peace from such suffering.

    By 3spoopy
    I've never had a girlfriend so this was my worst breakup...
  • “This is something else.”

    By TocaBlest
    This one is totally different from all the rest. It has a totally different, unique, interesting feel than the previous seven installments. And that’s what makes it so cool. Rian Johnson, despite what most fans say about him, really didn’t do such a terrible job. Obviously, he made choices I wouldn’t have made story wise (Since when is Luke a pessimistic, depressed grump?), but the movie is still better than the prequels. A positively thrilling continuation of the story of Rey, Finn, and Poe Dameron, this one really dives deep into the characters and gives us action, just the right amount of emotion, and humor. And yes, I am dedicating a whole paragraph to Carrie Fisher. 😓😔😭 General Leia Organa is given, with the amount of screen time she has, a great curtain call. I still get a little choked up when I see her or hear her theme song. I could watch Leia slap Poe all day. It’s just so funny! I will miss her terribly. It’s not the best Star Wars movie, but it’s not the worst either. My mind was blown like the first Death Star, and yours will be too.
  • True greatness

    By Bleed Black & Gold
    From the acting to the storytelling this movie is wonderful. Where The Force Awakens was a comfortable throwback to the memories of watching the original trilogy on VHS with my dad, The Last Jedi is a whole different animal, the yang to The Force Awakens yin. There is such an understand of the force and the characters that were already created that it makes you feel like this is a natural sequel yet still in a very different movie while still keeping it wrapped up in a great Star Wars bow.
  • Awesome

    By Undeckedemu
    Best Star Wars Movie Yet